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The construction of artistically, and acoustically well-designed instruments has always been a high priority for our company. All of the instruments are unique, with different tonal design adjusted to the local circumstances and each has unique mechanical structure. Our customers enjoy the organs we made Worldwide which are following various styles, concepts and periods as our clients requested. We think it is very important to dream, design and build, adjust the instruments to your acoustical and cultural environment,technical possibilities. We build on our hundred years old know-how, with practical and production-proof improvements, to provide durable serviceable and high quality instruments. We are glad to have the well skilled professional craftsmen on the factory floor, they are the guarantee of creative and quality production.

Beside the fine mechanical construction the most important to the success is skillful and imaginative voicing which makes Frobenius world famous.

User Experience
We combine the traditional craftsmanship with the latest cutting edge technology  from the drawing room to the end of our production line to provide an excellent user experience for the musicians. The Frobenius mechanical action systems are carefully engineered, adjusted to be light to operate and responsive, even on larger instruments.

Stop actions, can be controlled by traditional draw-knobs even if they are mechanic, pneumatic, or electric systems in the background. The electric register systems can be computerized for programmable combination sets with an additional well designed easy to use interface.
We constantly improve the technology to make a real pleasure to play on a Frobenius Organ. That would be impossible without a close conversation and co-operation with our clients, musicians the architects and our partners around the World.

You are always welcome to tell us your plans or ask questions personally or in e-mail.

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